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In Annotab Studio, to export data, you first need to create exporting version. Let's learn more about it in this guide.


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Generate Exporting Version

The "Generate New Version" function serves as a valuable tool for enhancing your data managing and exporting workflow, especially when you need to generate a new version of the same dataset or bulk download your datasets.

To generate a new dataset version:

  1. In Dataset > Versions , click “Generate New Version"

  2. Choose your Source Images. Only images marked as "Completed" at the time of generating the version will be included. (Note: Archive data will not be included when generating a new version. If you wish to export them, move them back to Dataset first.)

  3. Choose which class to be included (optional).

  4. Then, name your exporting version with a Description.

  5. Click "Generate".

  6. You've successfully generated a version for your dataset. Once a Version is created, it is saved in your Dataset with its exporting configuration.

Note: For Free plan, you can export up to 10.000 images. To upgrade, visit our plans here

Exporting Data

Once your dataset version is ready for export, the process is straightforward:

  1. Click "Export Dataset."

  2. Choose exporting format.

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